ABC TECH Ltd offers the most diverse and dependable global network of quality electronic components.


There are instances where an extra level of inspection may be required due to the nature of parts or sensitive certifications required by customers. In these cases, ABC TECH Ltd can offer at an additional cost, value added services, such as additional testing that is done by a certified service partner to verify product authenticity.


ABC TECH Ltd’s testing services include a secure network of certified third party laboratories and facilities supporting our comprehensive distribution network. This extensive network provides expert product testing for incoming products to ensure customers risk-free engagements time after time. Product testing is done to identify any substandard material and to verify that all manufacturer’s specifications are met. Product samples are also randomly selected and periodically tested to ensure product consistency and to document spot quality control.


ABC TECH LTD's quality testing program includes:

• Electrostatic discharge gear

• Microscopes enhanced with digital cameras

• Digital cameras and other recording equipment

• Vacuum pens

• Tape and reel counters

• Weight scales

• Vacuum sealers with desiccant and humidity cards

• Magnifying glass with light

• Secured internal databases documenting:

Product reference labels, date code/logo ids, moisture sensitivity, RoHS, product alert list, decapsulation tests, etc.

• Baking ovens

• X-ray fluorescence analyzer

• Decapsulator machine

• X-ray inspection machine


Our electronic component distribution facilities are ISO 9001 compliant, ensuring that standards and procedures are in place so that all products are inspected thoroughly, stored safely, shipped promptly and delivered accurately.


Whether your needs are global, regional or local, our strategic global locations enable us to ship your order from the most efficient point, reducing your overall shipping time and transportation costs. Meanwhile, our global inventory control technology tracks all products from their initial arrival to their final destination.