World-class global electronic parts distribution begins with a commitment to delivering an unmatched level of quality control and inspection programs designed to ensure that the right product is delivered accurately in each and every transaction. ABC TECH Ltd is leading the way in implementing quality control programs designed to protect clients from substandard or imitation parts.



   ABC TECH Ltd’s rigorous quality inspection process, trusted vendor management program and scheduled spot quality control has enabled us to stay at the forefront of global electronic parts distribution. By rigorously examining products for inconsistencies and discrepancies we are able to keep substandard or imitation parts from ever reaching the market,virtually eliminating risks.



Vendor-Managed Programs

At ABC TECH Ltd quality assurance begins with our commitment to vendor-managed programs sourcing quality products from electronics suppliers around the world.

Through our vendor-managed program, we carefully research and prequalify our vendors to ensure that all products are procured from safe and reputable sources.


Visual Inspection

Our experienced inspectors conduct a visual inspection and authenticity verification of all incoming materials whether the parts are in trays, tubes or on reels.


An overview of the visual inspection process includes:

 • Packaging examined:

Weighed and checked for damage, taping condition  inspected, dented package etc., original factory sealed vs. non-factory sealed.

• Shipping documents verified:

Country of origin, purchase order and sales order numbers match.

• Manufacturer P/N, quantity, date code verification, RoHS.

• Moisture barrier protection verified (MSL), vacuum sealed and humidity indicator with specification (HIC).

• Products and packaging (photographed and catalogued).

• Body marking inspection (faded markings, broken text, double print, ink stamps, etc.).

• Physical conditions inspection (lead bands, scratches, chipped edges, etc.).

• Any other visual irregularities found.





Once our visual distribution inspection is completed products are escalated to the next level engineering inspection for review.



Engineering Inspection

Our highly skilled and trained engineers receive the components for evaluation at a microscopic level to ensure consistency and quality. Any suspect parts or discrepancies that are discovered in the visual inspection process will either be verified or discounted by taking a product sampling of the material/parts.