Organisations in every industry are realising the importance of improving their supply chain processes. In doing so, they are reviewing procedures to introduce cost-avoidance models and implement best practices to create additional revenue streams by properly managing their excess inventory.






It is common in the high-tech field that,

excess inventory, obsolete and end-of-life

(EOL) products can rapidly lose recovery

value as the materials sit dormant. With

new technology continuously being

introduced, the velocity of turning surplus electronic components and finished systems

into recovered value is essential. 

ABC TECH Ltd excels in creating & managing programs to assist our clients in disposing of excess and obsolete material. The focus of these programs is to recoup as much of the original value as possible of the material at hand by offering it directly to our OEM/CM client base.


Our experience in marketing the material has increased our client's return in past years.  Please contact our sales department for more information.